Compare Apple A13 Bionic vs A12 Bionic SoC

Apple A13 Bionic vs A12 Bionic, Apple A12 Bionic vs A13 Bionic
Apple A13 Bionic vs A12 Bionic
Apple A13 Bionic vs A12 Bionic, Apple A12 Bionic vs A13 Bionic
Apple A13 Bionic vs A12 Bionic

On September 10, Apple unveiled its three new smartphones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The wait for these new iPhones was being for a long time. Apple every year launches its new iPhone with new SoC. Apple uses its own SoC in iPhones. The Apple A12 Bionic chipset was used in last year’s iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, while with new iPhones 11 series Apple announced new Apple A13 Bionic SoC. What improvements does this Apple A13 Bionic bring with itself over the A12 Bionic? To know about here we will compare Apple A13 Bionic Vs Apple A12 Bionic SoC and will find the difference between the Apple A13 Bionic and the A12 Bionic. Let’s start knowing about them.

Apple A13 Bionic Vs A12 Bionic CPU and GPU

VP of Silicon Engineering Sri Santhanam shared some details of the A13 Bionic SoC. This SoC has everything optimized for machine learning. The CPU of the new A13 Bionic is capable to do 1 trillion operations per second. The newer A13 Bionic features 2 new Machine Learning Accelerators on the CPU which makes Matrix Math Computations up to 6x times faster. The combination of the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine works better in performing machine learning tasks.

Santhanam said, “The iPhone 11 Pro is the best machine learning platform in any smartphone”.


The newer A13 Bionic still has four high-efficiency cores for low power consumption and two high-performance cores to perform high-level tasks.

The high-performance cores have a 20% improvement in the speed and 30% improvement in power consumption. While the four high-efficiency cores have 20% faster speed and 40% less power consumption compared to its predecessor A12 Bionic.


Speaking of the GPU, it is also optimized for Metal. It offers a 20% faster speed and consumes 40% less power than GPU of the older A12 Bionic. Also, the neural engine features eight cores, has a 20% faster speed and consumes 15% less power.

Manufacturing Process

Speaking of the manufacturing process, the new A13 Bionic is using 7nm transistors like the older A12 Bionic and it has now 8.5 billion transistors which are a huge upgrade in the new A13 Bionic compared to the A12 Bionic. The older A12 Bionic offers 6.9 billion transistors.

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