Disadvantages of Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 7 Pro Drawbacks
Disadvantages of Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 7 Pro Drawbacks

Chinese smartphone maker company Xiaomi launches smartphones in budget range through its Redmi series. It launches smartphones with strongest specs at a low price. There is no any prefect smartphone available in the market. Every smartphone has some advantages so some disadvantages also. Today we’ll be telling you about disadvantages of Redmi Note 7 Pro, so you can know that you are buying a good smartphone or not. Let’s tell you about the drawbacks of Redmi Note 7 Pro…


The Redmi Note 7 Pro features big display of 6.3 inch with a teardrop Notch. But despite of Notch it has thick bezels at bottom as well as top area because of this it has lower screen-to-body ratio.

Build Quality

The Redmi Note 7 Pro has glass-made back panel. If the phone slips from your hands then it could be damaged or broken. So you have to use screen guard and back cover to protect the phone. Also its body is made of plastic so it id folds in your pocked by any force then in could be damaged.

Camera Bump

The camera bump of Redmi Note 7 Pro is also a major problem for the users. Its camera bump is big so you have to use thick back cover to protect it. If you use back cover which comes in the box then the camera bump will not be protected and it can get scraches.

Hybrid SIM Slot

The Redmi Note 7 Pro features a hybrid SIM slot so at a time you can use 2 nano SIMs or 1 nano SIM and 1 microSD card. You can’t use 2 SIMs and a microSD card at a time in the phone. This is also a disadvantage of Redmi Note 7 Pro for some users.


User Interface

The Redmi Note 7 works on MIUI 10. In MIUI 10. It has many customize options and its RAM management is also better but there are many ads on every system app. You can disable them manually but many ads are not disabled.

Weight and Thickness

The weight of Redmi Note 7 Pro is 186g which is high for any smartphone. It is 8.1mm thick which is also more than normal.

Fast Charger

The Redmi Note 7 Pro features a 4,000 mAh battery and it supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4. But in the box you get a 10W normal charger in the box which charges it full in almost 2.45 hours. It is also a drawback of Redmi Note 7 Pro.


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