How to Prevent Email from Hacking

How to Prevent Email from Hacking, How to Make Email Safe
How to Prevent Email from Hacking, How to Make Email Safe

Email has always been the weakest part of IT security. Hackers tamper with your computer or data from this way. We are telling you best ways to make email safe to prevent email from hacking.

How to Prevent Email from Hacking, How to Make Email Safe
How to Prevent Email from Hacking, How to Make Email Safe

Layered security strategy

This strategy should be avoided depending on one’s security products. David Corleet, director of product management at cyber security firm Vipre, says that by using the same security product, certain malware finds its cut. He said there are several security vendors in the market. So if you use more than one product then it will be better for your system. If the hacker binds the email scan at the server level then the security product will catch him at the end.

Use of cloud-based services

Email service providers protect communication channels with the help of spam filters, firewalls and detection engines. They control the incoming email flow from the email flow company’s network. By rooting the email from the gateway, you can start the effective security of email. Cloud Platform protects security patches.

Encrypt email from TLS

Since email is used for sensitive business interaction, then encrypting the message can save you from many problems. You can take help of Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt emails on platforms such as the Google G suite and Microsoft 365. TLS provides secure channels for communication and can send messages sent and received to them.

Stay alert with hackers

Many times hackers execute activities like stealing data or money by showing them as other email users. Stu Sjouwerman, CEO of KnowBe4, who gives security training, explains, “Sometimes the CEO is at his desk and employees get an email message that they have to transfer money. This is an example of spoofing email. ‘

Configure Email Server

Sjouwerman says that one way to configure email is to set up domain-based message authentication, Reporting and Confirmation (DMARC) correctly. With this protocol you can be assured by checking the validity of incoming email. This can help companies to check email validity in which the sender identifies a person and sends a message.

Phishing Avoidance Training

Email training is an important part of any company’s cyber security strategy. It must be pointed out that the attachment should be opened only when you have asked someone to send it to you. However, this may be a matter of common sense, but information like user credentials or credit card numbers are easily reached to hackers when caught in a fishing attack. If there is no need of attachment with email then you should confirm the sender that he has sent it or not?


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