iOS 13 Top Features Explained

iOS 13 Top Features, Top Features of iOS 13
Top Features of iOS 13

Apple had a glimpse of the upcoming smartphone operating system (iOS 13) at the Annual Developers Conference WWDC 2019 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference). We are here to tell you about top features of iOS 13, which can be a boon for iPhone users.

iOS 13 Top Features, Top Features of iOS 13
Top Features of iOS 13

iOS 13 Top Features

Dark mode

Dark Mode Demand iPhone users have come up with the most. This feature is finally coming in iOS 13. Its option will be present in the settings and it will be able to turn on or off as the user wishes. To get started, Dark Mode will be present on the Home screen dock and Apple’s app.

Sign in with apple

Apple has announced to launch its own ‘Sign in with Apple’ option on third party websites and apps. As we get the option to sign on Google or Facebook from all the websites, Apple’s options will be available soon. Users will be able to log in with Apple ID. Apple will also have an option to share a random ID instead of original ID. There will also be a face / touch ID option.

Improved organization of photo app

There are many new features coming out in the Photos app, the most interesting of which will be better organization than Machine Learning. Your best photos will be highlighted, duplicate photos / screenshots will be hidden there. Many new editing tools will also be found, and you will be able to see the photo before / after version for easy editing.

Top Features of iOS 13, iOS 13 Top Features
iOS 13 Top Features

Find My

Find My is the new name in iPhone 13 for tracking the lost iPhone. In order to improve tracking, both the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends features have been included. This new service can be tracked despite the iPhone switch off. For this, the location of the surrounding iOS devices will be detected through Apple Bluetooth Beacon’s Beaming Technology, which will reveal the location of the lost or stolen iPhone. This is in iOS 13 best features.

Location privacy

Apple Location Sharing is linking strict governance rules. In iOS 13, users will be able to decide which ones the app can know about their device’s location and who do not. If the app tries to know the device’s location via WiFi or Bluetooth, then the user will know it by notification. In such a way they can turn it off.

Look around

A new feature called ‘Look Around’ is coming in Apple Maps, which will be similar to the Google Maps Street View. It will be the photo level of the location. This feature will come with a new map app, which will be available in the US by the end of 2019. This app will reach the rest of the country in 2020.

Better Video Editing

From iOS 13, iPhone users will get better video editing control. So far, in the iPhone, there was an option to shorten the video by trim. In iOS 13, there will also be an option for filtering with controls such as exposure, brightness, etc. The video can also be cropped and rotated. This is also a best feature of iOS 13.


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