Know Why US Banned to Huawei


The Conspiracy Theorist claims that the main reason behind the ban on Huawei in US is the shocking 50X zoom feature of the phone. Conspiracy theorists are those people who are looking for conspiracy behind every incident. Those people think that the influential people have the hand behind every incident.

Let us state that last week the US banned the Huawei by using technology to censor its citizens. However, now America has decided to give a 90-day rebate of restrictions on China’s telecom company Huawei.

In the report of The Sun, some photos have also been shared with a video, in which two boys are playing chess at one place among the tall buildings. Both of them are seen as a small dot on the 1X zoom in the phone’s camera, but as soon as the camera is zoomed to 50X, the chess boards and pieces are visible along with those boys.

Reason Behind the Ban on Huawei in US
Reason Behind the Ban on Huawei in US

– This picture is taken from the phone of the Huawei, in which two boys are playing chessboard.

Reason Behind the Ban on Huawei in US

– Then it is zoomed, from which two children playing chess on the table are clearly visible.

Reason Behind the Ban on Huawei in US

– The situation of the game and the pieces are visible in the camera when it is zoomed on.

Zhao Lijian, the deputy chief-of-mission of the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad, says that the reason behind this ban on Huawei in US may be the hightech cameras of the phone. Zhao recorded this video with the Huawei P30 smartphone, which was launched in March 2019.

Another person twitted, “The Huawei P30 Pro has a 40-megapixel super-spectrum camera, an ultra-wide and a 50X zoom lens. It’s really quite a lot. This company wants to spy the whole world from China. ‘

At the same time, a third man joked, “Huawei P30 Pro’s camera has tremendous zoom and low light capability, so we Chinese can spy the Americans.”

Let’s tell you that the center of trade war between the US and China is Huawei at this time. Recently, the U.S. government has put Huvaway in the list of companies that can not trade with American trade companies without license.

What is the Dispute

The demand for hawaway to be banned in America as well as in Europe is increasing. In western countries, resistance to Huawei is increasing constantly. The countries opposing Huawei, believe that the use of the devices of Huawei on the Next-Generation 5G network can be dangerous due to security.

Many countries believe that China is monitoring the countries through Huawei’s products. However, the accusations of these allegations have always been denied. Huawei has spent many times in this regard that there is no threat to those countries with its devices and the company is different from the Chinese government. In spite of this, many countries have banned telecom companies to use devices of Huawei on the 5G mobile network.


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