Android Q New and Top Features Explained

Features of Android Q, Android Q for Google Pixel 3 Xl
Features of Android Q

Google has launched its first Android Q. Like the previous year, Google has not started with the developer preview. The company has introduced its beta version. Google has introduced Android Q Beta 1 update. It was first introduced in the Google Pixel Series. Users of Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL can install this update. Here we are giving you information about the features of the Android Q. It includes many features from Privacy Protection to Foldable Factors.

Features of Android Q, Android Q for Google Pixel 3 Xl
Features of Android Q, Features of Android Q

Top Features of Android Q

Privacy Protection

The most important feature is the security feature of the Android Q. Users have more control over their phone applications through this feature. Under this option, the app will be able to track the location when the app is used. At the same time, the app will not be tracked when the app is not in use. However, this feature is not just about location sharing, but it will help to control the application even further. The company says that the Android Q version is part of its project Strobe. This will not require users to give different app access to each app.

Foldable smartphone support

Android Q has been supported with foldable smartphone. The company has improved the split screen in this update, which allows for better use of foldable smartphones. According to Google, the company will support developers to create an application that supports a foldable display. There are also onResume and onPause functions that support multi-resume. The Android Emulator supported in it supports multi-display types.

Sharing shortcuts

Under this feature of the Android Q sharing becomes easy. This allows users to go directly from one app to another to share content content. It is capable of jumping on the second app faster than ever. This feature works just like the App Shortcuts. In such a situation, Google is pushing the ShortcutInfo API to simplify integration. This API provides the option of direct share to pre-Android Q devices.


Google has given the new Wi-Fi Standard Support, WP3 and OWE in this update. This will improve the security for home and work networks. High performance WiFi mode with Android Q will be given and the latency will be reduced. This will improve gaming and calling performance better than before.

Cameras, Media and Graphics

Apps in Android Q can request for dynamic depth images. This will allow you to offer special Blur and Bokeh effects in the app. Google has said that data can also be used in the future to create 3D images or to support AR photography. Let us know you that dynamic depth is an open format that works with the manufacturers, so that it can be made available in more and more devices. Android Q has support of new audio and video codecs.


According to the Android Police, the theming options have been given in the developer settings of Android Q. In this, you can choose different colors. You can also choose headlines and body fonts. Along with this Icons’ shape can also change.


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