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Realme 5 Pro Pros and Cons Explained

Realme 5 Pro and Realme 5 have been officially launched in the Indian market on August 20th. Speaking of Realme 5 Pro, it is an upgrade over Realme 3 Pro. The company has introduced this phone as a successor of Realme 3 Pro. The Realme 5 Pro brings many latest features which are the advantage of Realme 5 Pro. But along with the advantages, the Realme 5 Pro also brings some disadvantages which we are going to tell you here. If you want to know about the pros and cons of Realme 5 Pro, then read this post to understanding better about Realme 5 Pro. Let’s tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of Realme 5 Pro.

Realme 5 Pro Pros and Cons

Realme 5 Pro Pros or Advantages


Speaking of the first advantage of Realme 5 Pro which is its camera. It has a quad-camera setup on the back panel. This is the world’s first smartphone having quad camera setup in the mid-range segment under Rs. 15,000. For photography, its rear camera houses a 48MP primary, an 8MP secondary ultra-wide angle, a 2MP macro, and a 2MP depth sensor. On the front panel, it got a 16MP selfie camera.


The second advantage of Realme 5 Pro is its processor, it is paired with 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 octa-core processor along with Adreno 616 GPU. Speaking of this processor, Qualcomm recently announced this processor as a successor of Snapdragon 710 SoC. This chipset includes 2 Cortex-A75 Gold cores clocked at 2.3GHz and 6 Cortex-A55 Silver cores running at 1.7GHz. This SoC brings 10% improvements in CPU and 10% in GPU means it will perform better than Snapdragon 710.

Type-C Port

Another advantage of Realme 5 Pro is its Type-C port. This is the first smartphone of Realme Pro series having Type-C port in the mid-range segment. The Realme 5 Pro has USB Type-C port which comes with 20W VOOC 3.0 fast charging and a battery of 4,035mAh.

RAM & Storage

Apart from 4GB & 6GB, this time the company has also provided an 8GB variant in Realme Pro series. The Realme 5 Pro has 3 variants based on RAM and storage – 4GB RAM + 64GB storage, 6GB RAM + 64GB storage and 8GB RAM + 128GB storage. Now you get more RAM and storage options in this phone and it also features a dedicated microSD card slot to expand the storage.



The biggest advantage of Realme 5 Pro is its pricing. For all these features, it will cost you Rs. 13,999. The starting price of Realme 5 Pro is Rs. 13,333 and at this price you get its 4GB/64GB variant. For 6GB/64GB it costs Rs. 14,999 and Rs. 16,999 for 8GB/128GB variant.

These all are pros or advantages of Realme 5 Pro and now we are going to tell you about the cons or disadvantages of Realme 5 Pro.

Realme 5 Pro Cons or Disadvantages

Build Quality

Speaking of the first drawback of Realme 5 Pro which is its build quality. The company still using plastic to manufacturing its devices. The Realme 5 Pro is also made from plastic. The major disadvantage of plastic is it gets scratched very soon. You have to use the phone carefully and also use a back cover to protect the phone. On the other side, other companies like Redmi and Honor are offering a glass-made back panel at the almost same pricing. This point of Realme 5 Pro could disappoint you.


Along with Realme 5 Pro, the company also introduced Realme 5 with a bigger battery. The Realme 5 brings a 5,000mAh battery while Realme 5 Pro got a 4,035mAh battery which is almost 1,000mAh smaller than the battery of Realme 5 Pro. Here the normal variant of Realme 5 Pro has a bigger battery while it has a smaller battery which is also a disadvantage of Realme 5 Pro.

No LED Notification Light

Like other Realme smartphones, the company hasn’t provided any notification light in the Realme 5 Pro. Don’t know why the company does not provide and notification light in its smartphone while all the Realme smartphones come with a chin at the bottom area where the company could insert the notification light. This is also a con of Realme 5 Pro.


Another disadvantage of Realme 5 Pro is its UI or OS. This phone is also running on Color OS 6. The Color OS 6 has many improvements over Color OS 5 but still, users don’t like this UI. The company is also about to launch its own Realme OS for Realme devices. The company should have launched this OS in this event with Realme 5 and 5 Pro. Color OS 6 is annoying for many users because of which they don’t like Realme devices.

These all are disadvantages of Realme 5 Pro which you should consider before buying this smartphone.


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