MediaTek Helio P65 Chipset Top Features Explained

Top Features of MediaTek Helio P65 Chipset, MediaTek Helio P65 Chipset features
Top Features of MediaTek Helio P65 Chipset

MediaTek just announced its new chipset for mid-range devices – the MediaTek Helio P65. This chipset works on 12nm manufacturing process. The company claims to have 25 percent faster performance as compared to its previous variant. The company also claims that the AI Performance of Helio P65 is improved 2X compared to to the previous generation Helio chipsets. According to company’s claims the Helio P65 chipset features 30 percent faster performance in AI tasks, segmentation with background removal as well as single or dual camera Bokeh shots. Here we are to tell you about top features of MediaTek Helio P65 chipset so you can know that what are improvements in MediaTek Helio P65 chipset.

Top Features of MediaTek Helio P65 Chipset, MediaTek Helio P65 Chipset features
Top Features of MediaTek Helio P65 Chipset

Top Features of MediaTek Helio P65 Chipset


The MediaTek Helio P65 has an 64-bit octa-core CPU. The two powerful Arm Cortex-A75 CPUs work with a speed of up to 2GHz for heavy tasks while the other six Cortex-A55 cores to handling normal tasks. These are interlinked and share a large L3 cache to improve the performance. The Helio P65 chipset features VoW (voice on wakeup) capability to optimizing platform size and power use. MediaTek has also separated the audio channels for voice commands and calls from media and games, allowing for respectively better quality in the Helio P65 chipset.


In terms of GPU the MediaTek Helio P65 brings a new wave of hardware that mixes big Arm core performance and a new Arm G52-class GPU that lifts the bar for performance mainstream users and avid mobile gamers. The GPU of MediaTek Helio P65 works with a speed of up to 820MHz. This leading technology mix provides up to 25% faster performance compared to its alternative that use older generation cores. The maximum display resolution that it can support is 2520 x 1080 pixels.

2X Faster AI-Performance

The AI performance of MediaTek Helio P65 chipset has been improved 2X compared to the previous generation mainstream Helio series’ and offers up to 30% faster performance versus direct competitor SoCs in AI-camera tasks such as object recognition (Google Lens), Smart Photo Album, scene detection and segmentation with background removal, and single or dual camera Bokeh shots.

The Helio P65 has NeuroPilot support and full compliance with Android Neural Networks API with the help of this developers and device makers have the best possible ecosystem for Android improvements and app development, with support for many common AI frameworks.

48MP Camera Support and Advanced Multi-Camera Photography

The MediaTek Helio P65 can support a dual camera up to 16 + 16MP wide and telephoto lens and a single camera of up to 48MP. Its facial recognition actions are fast than its previous variant. It also has improved features such as Depth of Field (Bokeh) effects, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and Rolling Shutter Compensation (RSC) technology.

In terms of AI it supports features such as AI Face ID (Face Unlock), AI Smart Photo Album, Single-Cam/Dual-Cam Bokeh, Hardware Warping Engine (EIS), Rolling Shutter Compensation (RSC) engine, MEMA 3DNR and Multi-Frame Noise reduction.

It can record videos with 48MP 4-cell at 17fps, 16MP + 16MP camera at 30fps and with 25MP camera at 30fps.

RAM and Storage

The new MediaTek Helio P65 chipset features support of LPDDR3 and LPDDR4x RAM with Max Frequency of 933 MHz and 1800 MHz and it supports 4GB and 8GB of RAM. In terms of storage it supports storage type eMMC 5.1.


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